Lifestyle and Kitchen Cleaning: If there is no cleanliness around you then the body becomes weak and you become vulnerable to diseases. To keep the body fit, special care should be taken along with diet as well as cleanliness.

Kitchen Cleaning Tips: In present times, keeping oneself healthy is becoming a difficult task. Many people take special care of their fitness, properly maintain their diet and set a schedule for their lifestyle. Let us tell you that the body cannot be kept fit only by maintaining diet and lifestyle. The cleanliness around you shows a lot of impact on your fitness.

Before giving more emphasis on cleanliness outside the house, we should emphasize cleanliness inside the house. The kitchen is such a part of everyone's house that it is more important to keep it clean. Especially the cleanliness of the utensil in which we cook and the gas on which we cook, its cleanliness also matters a lot. After cooking for a long time, the gas burner often turns black and there is a problem with lighting the gas, today we will tell you how to clean the gas burner.

To clean the burner, first mix lemon and eno in hot water. After this left, the burner soaked in it for a while. Doing this will lighten the stubborn mail on the burner. Then wash it by rubbing it with a scrubber. Vinegar is also a good option for cleaning pots and burners. All you have to do is dissolve the vinegar in water. After this, leave the burner in vinegar water for a while. After this the stubborn stains of the burner will lighten, again you can easily wash it with Nirma and a scrubber.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on home remedies and general information. Must take medical advice before adopting it. Kalamtimes does not confirm it.)