The Christmas festival is special for children and the fun of enjoying it from Santa's outfit to tasty foods is different. Do you want to do Christmas shopping for kids, then you should visit these markets of India.

German Christmas Market Delhi: It is organized every year by the Indo-German Chamber and Commerce in Delhi and Mumbai. Here you will be able to enjoy many events apart from shopping with children. You will be able to buy everything from Santi's cap to cake from here. (Photo: Indo-German chamber)

Kochi Carnival: Carnival is organized during Christmas in Kochi, located in the South. Here the local people sell everything that is used in Christmas celebration to attract tourists. During this, many interesting events are also organized from competition. (Photo: Cochin Carnival)

Christmas Market of Goa: Christmas and New Year celebrations are celebrated everywhere in Goa. Locals earn well from the tourists coming in this season. If you are going to Goa this time, then there are many markets from where you can do cheap shopping. (Photo: Getty)