A shocking case has come to light in Portugal. A 19-year-old woman living here has given birth to twins. The shocking thing is that the father of both the children is different. Such incidents are considered quite rare in medical science.

20th such case in the world-
About eight months after birth, the father got the children's DNA tested. When the report came, it was revealed that the person is the father of only one child. The father of the second child is someone else. However, both the children are similar in appearance. Experts said that in the language of science, this is called the condition of heteroparental superfecundation. This is only the 20th known case of heteroparental superfecundation in the entire world.

What is Heteroparental Superfecundation
Experts say it is a case of heteroparental superfecundation, a rare condition. In this, the DNA of different fathers is found in both the twins born in this. Dr. Tulio Jorge Franco, who studied the pattern of abnormal pregnancy, said that such a situation is created when the eggs present in the mother's body are fertilized by two different males. The woman has also admitted that she had a relationship with two different men. That is, she was in a relationship with two different men. This is the reason for the different DNA in children.