How to Make Child Bones Strong: Children are the future of a country. If children have to be made successful citizens, then special attention needs to be given to them from childhood. The growth of children depends on many things. For success, not only studies are necessary, but good physical health is also needed. Mostly there is a discussion about the bones of old and adult people, but it is not that there can be no problem of any kind in the bones of children. The bones of children are much weaker than those of adults, so there is a need to pay attention to their strength from childhood itself.

According to Kids Health, many times problems like osteoporosis are seen in children, which is a disease related to weak bones. That's why all parents should focus on a diet that strengthens their bones for the good health of their children. Parents should take care that the child gets a balanced diet so that vitamins and minerals can be supplied to the body.

Give high-calcium foods to children: Calcium is a very important element for the body. Calcium has an important role in the formation of bones. Due to the lack of calcium, the bones become weak, due to which there is a possibility of fracture if they stumble a little. To meet calcium deficiency, children should be given dairy products like milk, cheese, and curd along with leafy green vegetables, and nuts.

While supplementing calcium, parents should also keep in mind that excessive amounts can be harmful to the body, so before giving calcium-rich foods, consult your health expert and know the number of foods to be given to children according to their age...

Give Vitamin D supplement to children: Vitamin D helps in absorbing the calcium present in the body. If there is not enough vitamin D, then no matter how much calcium you take, it will not be absorbed in the body. Therefore, while taking calcium supplements, do not forget to supplement vitamin D. Sunlight is a good source of Vitamin D, so you should make your children sit in the sun for some time.

Make a habit of exercising: Exercise is very important for good fitness and health. Exercise helps in our overall physical growth. Exercising not only makes the bones strong but also strengthens the muscles. Never force children to do exhausting exercises. Make them exercise like jogging, jumping and running for some time every day.
Feed fruits and juices: To make bones strong from childhood, inculcate the habit of fruits and juices in children. Fresh fruit juice and dry fruits fulfil the deficiency of proteins along with vitamins and minerals in the body. Citrus fruits make up for the deficiency of Vitamin C, so you can feed them fruits like oranges, lime, and kiwi.