Talking privately with children is not easy. They can make great sense of anything and later on such things can become a part of their personality. If the child has a problem he should have the understanding to talk about it. Most people are hesitant about how they will talk to their children, but in the real sense, you must talk privately to the children and tell them why this information is important to them.

We spoke to DrBhavnaBurmi, Senior Child and Clinical Psychologist at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute and Founder of Happiness Studio, about the right way to talk to children in person.

DrBhavna told us that not only parents but grandparents, friends or teachers can be worried about this. It is very important to give the right direction and have the right information about them. It is very difficult to get accurate information about your children and understand what is causing them problems.

It is very important to keep the home environment right for the children.

Children become very introverted and upset if there is a problem at home and the parents are always fighting, divorce happens at home or someone dies in the family. It is also necessary to prepare children for such problems. In such a situation, you have to keep in mind that if the child is not reacting, then keeps such things a little less in front of him.

If you want to talk privately with children, then you must follow these steps-

1. It is important to notice their behaviour

Children try to express their minds through their play and words and by spending time with them you must understand their feelings. Before doing what you want to talk about, it is very important to know what the state of mind of the children is. Children who are under stress or are very disturbed try to fight with their toys. Trying to break things in the house. In such a situation, it becomes your responsibility to understand the condition of the children before talking about anything.

2. What to do if the child is afraid to speak or listen to personal things?

Many children shy away from such things and neither can tell their problems or they are not able to listen to you. In such a situation, many times parents get irritated after seeing the behaviour of the child. This is not to be done at all, tell the children, 'Tell me whatever you want to tell me, 'If you have time we can talk', 'today I want to talk about very important, do you feel comfortable'

3. If your child is worried about something scary?

It may happen that if you talk to him in private, then your child will tell you about an incident in the past. It can be a nightmare for a parent, but that doesn't mean you scold the child for not telling him about it first or don't listen to him. Or give a very shocking reaction immediately so that the child gets scared. This can prove to be very dangerous for you as well as the child.

4. Don't use heavy words

Never use heavy words while explaining such things, rather try to explain them to the children comfortably. Heavy words or your subdued reactions can make them feel that what you are talking about is wrong. You will not be able to talk carefully about him.

It is very important to tell the right truth to the children so that they can easily understand. The parent's shyness can further increase the child's curiosity and in such a situation it is very important to be aware that the child can also take such information from the wrong places. Talking openly can solve many problems.


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