In most parts of the country including North India, the cold is gradually decreasing. During the change in weather, the health of children is affected the most. Common colds can cause viral like cough, cold or fever in children. Dr Jugal Kishore of Safdarjung Hospital, Delhi, says that children go out of the house without preparations and during this time the weather and their body temperature are different. Due to the temperature, children become viral victims in no time. You can protect your child from cold and cough in the changing season by adopting these home remedies.

Ginger juice
To get relief from stomach, chest and throat problems, the help of ginger juice should be taken. Such elements are found in ginger juice which can provide relief in pinches. Its taste is slightly bad, so mix it with honey and make the child consume it. Follow this method thrice a day and see the difference.

Nutmeg recipe
Due to a cold sitting in the chest, cough and cold bother the child and to cure it, the recipe of nutmeg can be tried. The effect of nutmeg is hot and it is being used in the treatment of old problems. Heat nutmeg in mustard oil and apply it on the chest and soles of the child's feet. Keep in mind that this recipe has to be adopted at night only.

Turmeric milk
If the child has caught a cold due to the changing weather, then give turmeric milk to cure it. Turmeric has antibacterial and antiseptic benefits, so milk made from it should be drunk daily. If there is a fear of adulteration in turmeric spice, make raw turmeric milk and give it to the child. Massaging with garlic and mustard oil is also a great way to get rid of a cold.