The first lunar eclipse of the year is going to happen on Friday, May 5. In such a situation, it is considered very important to take care of many things during the eclipse. Some of these things are very important for pregnant women and their children to be born. Let us know from astrologer expert Dr Radhakant Vats what should be kept in mind by pregnant women at the time of the lunar eclipse.

Chandra Grahan 2023 Pregnancy Precautions

What Should Pregnant Women Do On Lunar Eclipse 2023

  • Do not use sharp objects: Pregnant women should not use sharp objects like scissors, knives etc. during lunar eclipse. Even cutting vegetables, sewing etc. should be avoided. Rahu has a bad effect on the child and the mother due to the use of sharp objects during the lunar eclipse.
  • Stay away from stress: During the lunar eclipse, pregnant women should stay away from any kind of tension or dispute. This is because when Rahu shows its malefic effects, it first affects the mind of the person, leading the person to a terrible state of tension, due to which his brain gradually starts to weaken.
  • Avoid sleeping: Pregnant women should never sleep during a lunar eclipse. This is because when the mother falls asleep, the child growing up in the womb also falls asleep, due to which Rahu has a direct effect on the child's intelligence. Due to the effect of Rahu, the child's brain becomes weak and memory power becomes weak. So avoid sleeping during this time.

What Should Pregnant Women Not Do On Lunar Eclipse 2023

  • Recite DurgaSaptshati: During the lunar eclipse, pregnant women should recite the DurgaSaptshatistotra of MaaDurga. This reduces the side effects of Rahu and the eclipse period does not have bad effects.
  • Chant mantras: During the lunar eclipse, pregnant women should keep chanting the mantras of their favourite deity. This keeps positivity around and negativity does not dominate the mind.
  • Bathe with holy water: After the lunar eclipse is over, pregnant women should bathe without delay by mixing Ganga water in the holy river or household water. Due to this, both the baby and the mother remain healthy.

So these are the precautions that pregnant women should take during a lunar eclipse.

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