Car Insurance Reimbursement: Insurance amount is provided by the insurance company to compensate for the damage, theft or accident of the insured car. Car repairing etc can be done with this amount. At the time of insuring the car, the process of making an insurance claim is also decided. Car insurance can be claimed in two ways. The first is a cashless claim in which repairs and payments are made on behalf of the insurance company in case of an accident of the car. The second is the car reimbursement process in which the owner of the car gets the repairs done at his own level and pays for it. Later, the amount spent on paying the bill for the repair expenses is given to the car owner on behalf of the insurance company.

How to claim car insurance reimbursement?
Step-1: Inform the insurance company as soon as possible after the accident of the vehicle. You can inform through the company's mail id or toll-free number and get your claim registered.
Step-2: On registering the claim, you will be given a registration number. Save this number as you may need it in all claim related proceedings.
Step-3: Take the damaged car to the garage and get it repaired.
Step-4: After repairing the car, you have to make all the payments to the garage. But do not forget to collect all the bills and necessary documents from the garage at the time of payment.
Step-5: Complete the prescribed claim process with the insurance company and submit the required documents.
Step-6: Your claim will be investigated by the surveyor appointed by the insurance company and on the basis of his report, the insurance company will give you the amount spent on repairs as per the policy.

Documents required for making a car insurance claim
Claim form filled by the person taking the insurance
Copy of the registration certificate of the insured car
copy of driving license
Original copy of insurance policy
Original copy of FIR in case of car theft or accident
Photocopies of PAN card, driving license and mutual of the person taking the insurance