New Launch: You are getting a chance to convert your normal cycle into an electric cycle. Casual Gojiro Mobility - Premium Electric Performance Bikes The company has launched this first-of-its-kind "Switch" program in India. In this campaign, the company is offering customers to bring any normal cycle and replace it with the new Gojiro electric bike.

offer details

Gojiro Mobility e-bike manufacturer is converting any brand of the cycle between Rs 7000 to 25000 into this offer. The campaign will help Gojiro expand its presence in the North, West, and South parts of the country.

Increase in demand for electric bicycles

Electric bicycles are being liked by many people and their demand is increasing continuously. The growing concern about the environment among the general public has increased the awareness and demand for adopting e-bikes. Apart from this, the number of such customers is also increasing continuously who are inquiring about e-bikes and considering e-bikes as their next upgrade after knowing about its features, etc.

The purpose of this campaign is that we will repair all the collected bikes and use them for internal work. This small step will also take us towards the bigger goal of clean and emission-free mobility.

Sumit Ranjan, Co-Founder, Gojiro Mobility said, “Users always try to choose something different to make their choice unique. The whole idea about this campaign is why settle for something less. People have been riding traditional cycling for centuries, now is the time to switch over to Gojiro's trendy and advanced e-bikes. Our X Series eBikes are good enough to meet all the regular and off-road requirements of cycle users, while also offering them the ultimate comfort of an electric drivetrain.”