By the way, you will see many types of eyeliner methods on social media. But it can be a bit difficult task for you to find out what kind of eyeliner is in trend these days. That's why today we will tell you what kind of eyeliner is the choice of Bollywood actresses.

By following them you can also look very beautiful and trendy.

Double winged eyeliner

Every other woman would know how to apply eyeliner simply. But if you want to change your eyeliner style, then you can also apply double-winged eyeliner like this. In this look, the coat of eyeliner has been applied in a very wide manner. Also, a coat of very thin eyeliner has been used for the double wing.

Angel wing eyeliner

You will find many types of eyeliner styles on social media and angel wing eyeliner is one of them. Angel Wing Eyeliner gives the most unique and bold look to your eye makeup. Try to keep the eye shadow brown or nude for this look. By doing this your eye makeup will be visible.

Bold winged eyeliner

Bold-winged eyeliner looks very classy. You can try this type of eyeliner for any wedding or party. Also, keep your lips nude. By doing this the look of your eye makeup will be highlighted very beautifully.


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