The Indian state of Assam is a state that is considered the gateway to East India. The beauty of this state is so popular that every day thousands of domestic and foreign tourists arrive to visit.

Talking of places to visit in Assam, many people mention places like Kaziranga National Park, Majuli Island, Jorhat, Dibrugarh or Tezpur, but there is such a beautiful and amazing place in this state that is missing from everyone's eyes.

Yes, in this article we are talking about Nagaon city of Assam. Nagaon is a place which is considered a natural treasure of Assam. In this article, we are going to tell about some of the best places in Nagaon. Let's know.

Laokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary

Mention the beauty of Nagaon city with the Lokhowa Wildlife Sanctuary present here. You must have heard the name Kaziranga National Park in Assam. If yes, then let us tell you that Lokhowa Sanctuary is not less than that.

The way Kaziranga is famous all over the world for its lush green forests, extinct animals and wonderful scenery, in the same way, Lokhowa Sanctuary is famous. Spread on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra River, this sanctuary is famous for more than a thousand animal species. Especially it is famous for the Indian rhinoceros. You can also enjoy a jungle safari here.


By now you must have come to know that Nagaon is not situated on the banks of any other river but the world-famous river i.e. Brahmaputra river. Situated on the edge of Nagaon city, Silghat is a very beautiful and astonishing place.

One thing about Silghat is very famous that when the morning sun rays fall on the water, the surrounding area glows. Similarly, in the evening, when the rays of the sun fall on the water, the surrounding area glows. Let us tell you that Silghat is also a major port of Assam and an ancient temple is also established here.


Oops, what a place! Yes, after seeing ChampavatiKund or Waterfall for the first time, you will say something like this. Champavati Waterfalls, located in the Chapanalla area of ​​Nagaon, is a popular destination as well as a natural treasure.

It is said about Champavati Waterfall that when water falls from a height, the surrounding places glow. The area around this place is also considered to be the home of birds.

Mahamrityunjaya Temple

The identity of Nagaon city is about something, then it is not from anything else but from the most famous Mahamrityunjaya temple of the pre-India present here. This temple is so famous that every tourist visiting Assam has reached here.

It is said about the Mahamrityunjaya temple that it is the tallest Shiva temple in the world and a Shivling about 126 feet high is present here. Due to being present on the hill, this temple is also the first choice of almost all tourists.