Health Benefits of Limestone: Both lime and lime water, if used in limited quantity, are effective in the treatment of many diseases.
Lime applied to betel leaves is full of calcium. This lime has been used in some diseases since ancient times. Lime is used in both Naturopathy and Ayurveda. So let us tell you the benefits of this lime today.Benefits of Lime-Benefits of Limestone
1. On the complaint of pain in the bones, start drinking one or two spoons of lime water. This will not only strengthen the bones but will also provide relief from pain.
2. Lime water should be drunk even in problems related to urine. Due to this the urine comes freely. For this, mixing sesame oil and sugar in lime drained water should be drunk.
3. Apply lime and honey on the cloth and tie it in the pain of the rib. This will make the pain go away.
In the problem of sinus or headache, sniffing the mixture of lime and nausadar provides great relief.
4. Lime water mixed with coconut water should be drunk in case of worms in the stomach.
5. If there is a problem of tingling of the teeth, then drink lime water, it will strengthen the teeth.
6. On burning, mix a little linseed oil in lime and apply it on the burnt area, you will get instant relief.
7. To get rid of acne and pimples, mix a little honey in a little lime and apply it on the face. Acne will be cured in a few days.
8. If there is a wound, mix lime with butter and dry ginger and apply it on the wound. The wound will dry up.
9. Take one or two spoons of lime water regularly to flush out the toxins from the body.
10. If the nails are weak, there is any problem related to hair and skin, then mix one or two spoons of lime water in sugarcane juice and drink it.
11. If there are warts on the body, then grind lime, sajji, tutia and honey in water and apply it on the body wart. The warts go away within a few days.
Disclaimer- The tips and advice suggested in the article provide general information only. Before trying them, please consult a specialist or doctor.