Getting enough sleep is important for good health. A new study claimed that if you sleep less than 6 hours daily then even exercising will not be beneficial. This research has been published in The Lancet Healthy Longevity Journal. Work and sleep hurt physical activities. Researchers from Britain's University College London (UCL) conducted the study. During this period, researchers included 8,958 people aged 50 years and above and monitored their activities for 10 years.

Researchers analyzed how different combinations of sleep and physical activity habits affect people's function over time. The team found that people who were more physically active and got less sleep, their physical condition declined faster. That is, after 10 years, their body was equal to that of their friends who did less physical activity. This study, consistent with previous research, found that 6-8 hours of sleep per night was associated with better performance.

The participants were divided into three groups
During the study, participants were asked several questions, such as how long they slept at night during the week. After this, they were divided into three groups: short sleep (less than 6 hours), moderate sleep (6-8 hours), and long sleep (more than 8 hours). During this period the participants depended on their sleep and physical activity. It was found that those who got less sleep remained less active over time.

It is important to get adequate sleep
Author Mikaela Bloomberg from UCL said the study shows that getting enough sleep is essential to get the benefits of physical activity. This shows how important it is to consider sleep and physical activity together when thinking about health.

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