Today the festival of Navratri (Chaitra Navratri 2023) has started, during Navratri special worship is done to nine forms of Goddess Durga. These 9 days are considered very auspicious. In such a situation, if a daughter is born in your house during Navratri, then you can name your daughter after the name of Maa Durga (the Baby Girl's Name Of Goddess Durga). Hearing this unique (Hindu Baby Girls Name) and beautiful name for your daughter, your mind will be elated (Baby Name With Meaning) and the blessings of Maa Durga will always be on your daughter.

Let us know some names of Maa Durga (Ma Durga Names) and their meaning which you can choose for your daughter.

Anika - A woman who is beautiful and full of talent.

Kamakshi - A name of Goddess Gauri and Goddess Lakshmi. One meaning of this name is one with eyes full of love.

Malini - The garland that Maa Durga wears around her neck is called Malini.

Nitya - The name Nitya also means forever and eternal.

Aishani - means the symbol of power, and Aishani means the goddess of power.

Anvitha - A name of Goddess Durga, this beautiful and unique name can be given to a baby girl.

Aparajita - One who cannot be defeated.

Gayana - This name means one who is the embodiment of knowledge. This name of Goddess Durga will be very good for a daughter.

Girisha - The one who rules the mountains is called Girisha. This name can also be given to the daughter without any hesitation.

Sadhika - The meaning of this name achieves.

Shakti - This name is the symbol of Goddess Durga and this name can be given to the daughter without any doubt.