In astrology, the effect of planets on human body parts has also been told. Each part represents one or the other planet. Here we will tell you that if the planet Venus is weak, then what kind of effects are seen on its body.

The auspicious and inauspicious effects of planets affect life in many ways. They affect wealth, prestige, and health. If Venus is weak in the horoscope, then its effect is not only on wealth and splendor, but it also has a bad effect on health. The strong position of the planets in the horoscope is the reason for success and happiness and prosperity in a person's life, while due to the inauspicious effects of the planets, the person may have to face physical and mental pains. So let's know which diseases weak Venus produces and the remedies related to them.

Diseases caused by weak Venus

If Venus is weak in the horoscope, then he suffers from diabetes, pain in the thumb, skin, headache, and diseases related to the eyes

and genitals.

Make Venus strong like this

  • Donate white clothes, milk, curd, etc. on Friday.
  • Every day, some part of your food must be taken out for the cow. This strengthens the planet, Venus.
  • Donating white grains, the things of education to poor children or students should be donated.
  • Try to feed the girls and get their blessings. Married people should not respect their wives and give love.
  • Diabetic patients can get benefit by donating silver, camphor, rice, or any white-colored flower to make the weak Venus of the horoscope successful.

(Disclaimer: The information given here is based on general assumptions and information.)