In some major scriptures of Hinduism, many things related to the hair of women have been told. The rules for washing, cutting and applying oil have been given in the scriptures. So what are the 7 days of the week when women can get their hair with water? We talked to Bhopal's astrologer and Pandit Vinod Soniji on this subject. Vinod ji says, 'The hair of women is related to the planet Rahu. Rahu is said to be a sinful planet and when this planet is weak, the person moves towards sin.

The health of skin and hair is also affected when Rahu is weak. Not only this but if you want to see the planet Rahu in a strong position, then astrologer rules of washing hair should be followed.

On which day the hair should not be opened

Wednesday and Thursday are the 2 days in a week when you don't have to keep your hair open. If possible, on both days you should make a braid in your hair. If you have to cut your hair, then you can get them cut by skinning them on Wednesday. Do not put scissors in the hair on Thursday at all.

What day should you wash your hair?

If the hair is cleaned 2 days a week, then it remains healthy. But what should these 2 days be, its mention is also found in the scriptures. Women should wash their hair only on Friday and Sunday. Do not wet your hair with water during the rest of the week.

On which day oil should not be applied to the hair

Whether it is a virgin girl or a married woman, oil should not be applied to the hair on Thursday and Saturday.If women apply oil on Thursday and Saturday, they may face a financial crisis. On the other hand, do not apply oil even on Friday, as it can spoil your work. If oil is to be applied to the hair, then Wednesday is the best day. Applying oil on the hair on Wednesday increases good fortune and bad deeds are also done. You can apply oil to your hair on Monday and Tuesday also.

On which day one should not comb the hair

You can comb your hair daily, but after sunset, women should neither open nor groom their hair. It is said that if you groom your hair after sunset and break your hair, it causes the loss of Lakshmi.

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