The relationship between husband and wife is very special. There is no relationship in which there are no arguments or fight between the partners. Similarly, quarrels between husband and wife are also common. But sometimes when the disputes start increasing beyond the limit, then the relationship starts souring.

The dreams of a happy married life start falling apart. It seems as if everything is over. If the fights and fights in your relationship are not taking the name of stopping, then for this you should adopt astrological remedies. We have spoken to Pandit Prashant Mishra to resolve the ongoing rift in the relationship, he has told us the remedies ranging from Kapoor to rose flowers.

Photo of Lord Shiva and Parvati

The husband and wife who have daily quarrels should keep the idol of Shiva and Parvati in the house. Worship them daily and pray to God for a happy married life. Apart from this, put a picture of Lord Vishnu and Lakshmi ji on the north wall of the house. This is because they are considered a symbol of love.

Painting of a pair of parrots

If conflicts are going on in your married life, then you should adopt astrological remedies to overcome this problem. To reduce the quarrels between husband and wife, a painting of a pair of parrots should be kept in the bedroom. By doing this, love will start increasing and the sourness of the mind will end.

Camphor (Kapur) will give benefit

Camphor is a very effective remedy to get rid of the ongoing quarrel between husband and wife. Camphor is considered extremely auspicious in Hinduism, due to which it is used in worship. With this, you can remove the disputes with your husband. For this, the wife should sleep with camphor under the pillow. Then wake up the next morning and burn the camphor. By doing this remedy daily, the relationship will start improving.

Offer flowers to god

A Rose flower is said to be a sign of love. It is said that love is expressed by giving flowers. Similarly, if any quarrel between husband and wife is not taking the name ending, then you should go to the temple on Friday. Go there and have the darshan of Lord Lakshmi Narayan. After this, offer two roses at his feet. It is said that by doing this work with a sincere heart, the bitterness between husband and wife reduces.

Peepal Tree Spell

To get rid of the problem of quarrel, you should light a lamp of ghee under the Peepal tree on Thursday. After this, keep sweets along with a lamp in the middle of the square. You will see the effect of this remedy within a few days.

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