Appendicitis Symptoms: Abdominal pain can happen at any time. Sometimes it becomes difficult to bear this pain. Many people ignore abdominal pain. If this pain is frequent then it could be an appendix. Appendix pain occurs in the lower abdomen. Due to this pain, there is difficulty in walking and eating, and drinking. The part of appendix is in the lower part of the perch. When intestinal bacteria move into the appendix and cause an infection. It can cause appendicitis problems. Today we are going to tell you about the symptoms of the appendix.


Symptoms like constipation and stomach upset can be seen due to the appendix. If you have an upset stomach and the medicine doesn't work, it could be a symptom of an appendix.

Loss of appetite

A decrease in land can be a symptom of the appendix. Many times we ignore the loss of appetite. These can be early symptoms of the appendix. There is also a problem of constipation due to the appendix.


There may be a complaint of fever with the change of weather. If you get a fever frequently then it can be a symptom of an appendix.

Stomach enlargement

If you are experiencing flatulence, it could be a symptom of an appendix. Gas can also be formed when the appendix is palpated.