Chest pain with a cold-cough is considered to be the main symptom of the infection during this time of Corona epidemic. Do you also suffer from persistent cold-cough and chest pain? So it's not necessarily just because of Corona.

Health experts believe that many other conditions can cause this type of chest problem.

Chest pain can be caused by asthma, any type of infection or allergy, in addition to coronary heart disease. Apart from this, such complaints are seen in some people due to cold. If this type of problem persists for a few days, it is important to see a doctor in time to make a proper diagnosis.

According to health experts, chest pain is considered normal even in case of infection with a virus like cold or flu. The risk of this type of problem is higher in cases of increased respiratory tract infections, which is why people are more likely to have such problems in the chest due to coronary infections.

In this case, doctors say, patients are advised to drink as much fluid as possible in case of chest pain due to flu. Drinking hot water at this time is considered more beneficial. Along with hydration, it is also important to give the body enough rest.

Cold and dry air can also exacerbate chest pain. In some situations this type of problem can even cause difficulty breathing. To keep the air inside clean, use a humidifier to keep it moist.

Note - This article is based on a medical report and the advice of health experts. However, if you notice any such disease, consult a doctor immediately.