India is a country where most people consider trains to be suitable for traffic. That's why most of the people in India travel by train too, but when one has to reach a place early or if someone leaves for a foreign trip, they prefer to travel by flight. It is a different matter that travelling by flight incurs a higher fare, but the person also reaches early.

But many people do not even know that there are different seats on the flight. In such a situation, if you are also going to travel on a flight, then you must also know that there are 3 types of seats on the flight, not one. Let's know about it.

Economy class seat

Most people in India come from the middle class, so most people travel in economy class only. So first let's talk about the economy class itself.

Economy class seat fares are very low so most of the passengers travel in this class. Unlike other classes, there is a little facility available here. A limited number of things are given to the passenger in this class. The distance difference between the two seats is also less.

Business class seat

After the economy class seat now let us mention the business class seat. Business class fares are slightly higher than economy class and offer more convenience to the passenger.

Many people believe that most businessmen, celebrities and people with money travel in this class. This class also has stuff for the passenger who keeps on delivering food, water and necessities over time. In a way, there is some degree of luxury facility in this class.

First-class seat

The first class seat is at the top of the economy class seat and the business class seat. Most of the film stars, celebrities, businessmen etc. travel in the first class. It is very expensive compared to both the classes, but the convenience is not less than a luxury hotel.

There is no problem with space in the first and this class has facilities like a net, TV, food, drinks etc. It is said that the food served in this class also comes from five-star hotels.

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