Age Weight Chart: Many times people calculate weight according to age and length. This is also true because if you want to stay fit then it is also necessary to maintain weight. But there is no set scale regarding weight according to length. According to health experts, our weight is determined by our lifestyle, body type, and daily activities, but if we know what should be our weight according to age and height, then we can avoid countless diseases. Let's know.

How to calculate weight from height
With the help of BMI (Body mass index), we calculate the weight according to the length. With the help of this, most people can understand whether they are underweight or overweight. If someone's BMI is less than 18.5, it means that he is underweight. BMI between 18.5 to 24.9 is considered ideal. Those with BMI from 25 to 29.9 are considered overweight, whereas if it is 30 plus then it is considered a sign of obesity.

BMI dilemma
Some doctors describe BMI weight as misleading and inaccurate. Many global organizations like the American CDC (Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention) warn that doctors should not rely too much on BMI calculators. Doctors say that the BMI calculator was not made by any doctor or biologist but by a mathematician. There are many types of problems with this. For example, it does not calculate weight according to muscle mass, bone density, body structure, race and gender. That's why the focus should be on fitness more than this type of calculator.

How much height and how much weight
4 ft 10 in - 41 to 52 kg
5 feet height - 44 to 55.7 kg weight
5 ft 2 in - 49 to 63 kg
5 feet 4 inches - 49 to 63 kg
5 ft 6 in - 53 to 67 kg
5 ft 8 in - 56 to 71 kg
5 ft 10 in - 59 to 75 kg
6 feet height - 63 to 80 kg weight

What age should be the weight?
19-29 years - Male 83.4 kg, female's weight should be up to 73.4 kg.
30-39 years - Male's weight should be 90.3 kg and the female's weight should be up to 76.7 kg.
40-49 Years - The male's weight should be 90.9Kg and the females should be 76.2 kg.
50-60 years - Male weight up to 91.3 kg and female weight up to 77.0 kg.