Which leaf has cancer-fighting properties?
The leaves that Chhavi Mittal talks about in her video are Lakshmi taru leaves. They are also called Simaruba. The name Simruba probably comes from its scientific name, Simarouba amara. It is also called the Paradise tree. This tree is found in South and Central America.

Laxmi tree leaves help in the treatment of cancer
It is said that research has been done in India about Lakshmi Taru in the 1960s. This plant looks very much like a curry leaf plant. The leaves and stem of the Lakshmi Taru plant are widely used to treat cancer and are said to cure it. The immune system is also strengthened by consuming some parts of this plant. It is also believed that these leaves reduce the effect of chemotherapy in cancer patients. Keep in mind that there is not enough scientific evidence for this.

Benefits of Lakshmi Taru Leaves
According to various researchers, every part of the Lakshmi tree plant has medicinal properties. The water of this plant improves moisturization. Its oil extracts contain oleic acid and other fatty acid properties. The bark of this plant is used to treat malaria. In Brazil plant extracts are used in diarrhea. The bark of this plant can be used to treat fever, malaria, and stomach and bowel disorders. The pulp and seeds of the fruits of this plant have properties such as analgesic, antimicrobial, antiviral, and stomach tonic.

How to consume Lakshmi Taru leaves?
There is no doctor's advice on how these leaves are used for cancer, but those who believe in the medicinal value of this plant, usually boil the bark and leaves depending on the disease and drink it. You should consult a doctor before using it.

Lakshmi Taru Leaves Side Effects
Consuming Lakshmi taru leaves in excess can cause vomiting and nausea. Consuming excessive amounts of leaves or bark can also cause a person to sweat excessively. Increased urination may occur even after consuming large amounts of the extract of this plant.

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