Buttermilk Recipe

Mixing jaggery in buttermilk and drinking it eliminates inflammatory diseases in the urine.

The benefits of drinking buttermilk

Mixing ajma powder in buttermilk and drinking it kills stomach worms.

Mix 10 cups of black pepper in 1 glass of buttermilk and drink it once a day for as long as jaundice lasts.

Rinsing with yogurt water or whey cures mouth ulcers.

Mixing 240 mg to 360 mg nutmeg in buttermilk and drinking it relieves headaches.

Drinking buttermilk twice a day is very beneficial in white spot disease.

Drinking buttermilk reduces obesity.

Drinking 200-200 ml of buttermilk every morning and evening makes low-BP normal.

Drinking buttermilk is beneficial in stomach ache due to having an empty stomach.

Mixing 12 grams of honey in 125 grams of buttermilk and drinking it in the morning, afternoon and evening of the day prevents diarrhea.

Mixing sugar and black pepper in buttermilk and drinking it calms the abdominal pain caused by bile.

Adding salt to buttermilk can help prevent heatstroke.

Applying aloe vera seeds in cow's milk and applying it on the herpes cures herpes.