Shah Rukh Khan's darling Aryan Khan has returned to Mannat in a luxurious bungalow after spending almost three weeks in jail. Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan are looking very happy to be back at the boy's house.

When Aryan Khan reached home on Saturday after his release from the Arthur Road jail in a drug case, he was warmly welcomed by his family as well as King Khan's fans. Meanwhile, Aryan Khan made a big decision when he reached home. Everyone is annoyed to see that.

For the past several days, Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan have been very upset over their son Aryan's drug case. He tried his best to free his son from prison but could not alleviate Aryan's problems. Aryan could not get out of jail despite getting so many dates from the court. The court had canceled Aryan's two bails, on the third application the court granted bail to Aryan. On his way home, Aryan Khan seemed to be very emotional.

The biggest thing Aryan Khan did after returning home was that he changed his profile photo on his Instagram account. Aryan deleted his photo from his profile. Now the DP has a white background, not a photo. Not only that, some of Aryan's old posts don't even appear on Instagram. No one could understand why he did that.

Promise to help prisoners

According to media reports, when Aryan Khan was in jail for three weeks. During this time he became acquainted with many prisoners. Aryan Khan promised these prisoners financial help to their families. In addition, we will help in the ongoing cases against the prisoners. Before his release from prison, Aryan visited the other prisoners and gave them a hug.