After the death of actor Siddharth Shukla, his close friend Shahnaz Gill posted himself on Instagram for the first time today for Siddharth. Today, 56 days after Siddharth's death, his fans are getting emotional after seeing Shahnaz's post. Also, in her post, Shahnaz wrote such a line, seeing which everyone's eyes are getting moist.

Shahnaz has shared a beautiful picture with Siddharth Shukla. In this picture, Siddharth is seen in Shehnaaz's arms and both are seen laughing gleefully. Shahnaz Gill wrote with this picture, 'You are mine and...' This post of Shahnaz is a tribute to Siddharth Shukla, in which she has spoken about the release of 'Tu Yehi Hai'. It has been written on this post of Shahnaz that 'Tu Yehi Hai' is releasing tomorrow. The fans of Sidnaz are showering a lot of love on this post of Shahnaz. One wrote, "You will be there for Shahnaz...stay strong..." the other wrote, "I have come to cry seeing this...

Recently, Himanshi Khurana talked about Shahnaz in an interview and said that after Siddharth's departure, his mother Rita Shukla is taking care of Shahnaz Gill. In an interview given to a well-known website, Himanshi said, "She and Asim often discuss 'Sidnaz'. After the passing of Siddharth, his mother took care of Shahnaz. She was not in such a condition that she could do anything with understanding. It was a difficult time for everyone. Shehnaaz had never faced such a situation before, now she has become very strong, which will help her to move forward in life.

Himanshi further says, “According to our religion, when someone dies, he becomes free from all bonds and relationships. We should always remember them and give them a special place in our hearts. We will always remember Siddharth, but at the same time, Shehnaaz does not have to put us in the same pain again. Let us tell you that Siddharth died on 2 September due to a heart attack, after which Shahnaz was away from the limelight. The sadness and despair did not go away even for a minute. Shahnaz's film 'Hausla Rakh' is being liked a lot.