It is often seen that girls change their surname after marriage. At first, she is known by her father's name, but as soon as she gets married, everything changes from her dress to her surname. It is believed that women show their devotion to their husbands by changing their names. Following this tradition, actresses Aishwarya Rai and Priyanka Chopra have also added their husband's surnames behind their names. But some actresses have told the world that even by not changing their name, they can live their married life well. Let's see who is on this list

Anushka Sharma
Film world's famous actress Anushka Sharma tied the knot with Virat Kohli on 11 December 2017. After marriage, people kept waiting for Anushka to change her surname but nothing happened. She didn't change her name to Anushka Virat Kohli, or Anushka Kohli. Although the fans named this couple Viruska.

Vidya Balan
Actress Vidya Balan also did not change her surname, not following the old tradition. She said in an interview that I am Vidya Balan and will remain the same. At the same time, her husband will also remain Siddharth Roy Kapur and Siddharth Balan will not become Roy Kapur. Vidya had said that- Siddharth and I both feel that both of us will not do this.

Deepika Padukone
The name of actress Deepika Padukone is also included in this list. Deepika and Ranveer are still the same after 3 years of marriage as they were before. Regarding changing the surname after marriage, Deepika had said that we never thought about it, because it is not necessary for us. Deepika believes that we have worked very hard to make our identity and then it is not necessary to change the surname.

Twinkle Khanna
Actress Twinkle Khanna may have said bye-bye to the silver screen after her marriage to Akshay Kumar, but she did not change her surname. When Twinkle was questioned on this, the actress replied boldly and said – I have not been tagged with any brand, but I am married. I am not a small company that has been bought by a big company like Godrej and now I have to change my brand name too.

Rani Mukherjee
Even after marrying director-producer Aditya Chopra, Rani Mukerji did not change her surname. Regarding this, he says that- I love my name very much. Fans know me only by the name of Rani Mukerji, so I will not change my name in films. I will write Rani Chopra when I enroll my children in school.

Hema Malini
Famous actress Hema Malini may have changed her religion to marry Dharmendra, but she did not approve of changing her surname. Even today she is known by the name Hema Malini. Once he had said that 'my fans call me 'Dream Girl' and 'Basanti' by these two names. It has become like my surname in a way.