I am not someone's queen but my father's angel... Daughters are the darlings of their father in every house. Whether the daughter is young or worthy of marriage, she always remains an angel for her father. That's why he adapts and moves according to the age of the daughter so that she remains a support system at every point of life. Such is the relationship of everyone's favorite Alia Bhatt with her father Mahesh Bhatt. Like every girl, Alia also sees the most trust and hope in her father's eyes. Perhaps only then has she reached this point today.

Mahesh Bhatt proud of his daughter
These days, an interview of Mahesh Bhatt is going on in a lot of discussions, in which he is proud of his daughter and praised her a lot. He said that he is a filmmaker. and are associated with the industry. When Alia was young, she used to apply the cream on her feet for 500 rupees, but in the last 2 years, Alia has earned as much as she has earned in the last 50 years.

He is not like his parents: Mahesh Bhatt
For the first time, while praising his daughter openly, Mahesh Bhatt had said that - she is not like her parents, there is a fire inside them. Our house was not a party hub for the stars of the film world. You have to work to be in life, these things have come inside Alia as well. He further said that - people in the world will judge you. To be a performer it is necessary to have a lot of faith in you. Alia may have learned the work approach from home, but her way of working is quite different.

Mahesh Bhatt used to threaten to lock the room
Once, while disclosing about her father, Alia had said that like all the parents of the world, my father also does not want to marry me. They care about me a lot. If his bus goes, he will neither let me nor my sister Shaheen get married. She told that her father Mahesh Bhatt used to say that I cannot go anywhere without her consent, otherwise he will lock her in a room.

Mahesh Bhatt doesn't want to take Alia away from him
Aaliya says that whenever there was talk of marriage, he used to threaten to lock me in the bathroom. He did not want me to get married and I should go away from him. Even today, in many houses, the father holds his hand and says that I am not my daughter, you should not be afraid. This is why our daughters get encouragement. Alia and Mahesh Bhatt's relationship is also setting a good example for the world.