A few days ago, Bharti made a video. In which there was a quarrel between the people of his house and the caretaker of the child. Due to this his trip to Goa was also a bit spoiled. Apart from that, he keeps sharing photos of his son on social media, in which he is seen with his father and sometimes with a comedian. However, she did not show Gola's face till today.

Somewhere only Gola's legs are visible, sometimes his back. But the face remains covered with stickers. After 'Hunarbaaz', Bharti Singh was seen in 'The Khatra Khatra Show'. She resumed work only 11 days after delivery. Many praised his drunkenness and courage. However, some said that she was not giving time to the child for money. Well now it looks like the baby's face and name, when he will show up and tell the fans, will have to wait a bit.

Bharti Singh was in Goa recently. She also reported on the day-to-day blog. People were also shown glimpses there. Now she is back home and has revealed the baby's name. According to a report, the comedian has named his son Gola 'Lakshya'. However, he has not said anything about this yet. According to popular belief and some news reports, this son will now be known as 'Lakshya Limbachia'. Well known comedian Bharti Singh gave a good news on April 6 and a baby was born in his house.

Bharti Singh's husband Harsh Limbachia is a writer. The baby of Bharti Singh and Harsh Limbachia is now two months old. But the two-star couple have yet to show a glimpse of their child. Fans are in a hurry to catch a glimpse of their baby. Today, however, there is important news. Both the stars have named their baby. Let me tell you that until now their child was called Gola Ulamana. But now it has a proper name, which can be written in school.