Sushmita Sen proudly raised India's name around the world by wearing the crown of Miss Universe Crown in 1994 on 21 May 1994. By winning this prestigious beauty pageant, Sushmita became the first Indian beauty to be crowned Miss Universe. Sushmita had made India's name all over the world by defeating the beauties of 77 countries. Along with Sushmita Sen, her fans are remembering the glorious day by sharing pictures and videos of this memorable day on social media.

Sharing her latest photo on Twitter, Sushmita Sen wrote, 'Beautiful feeling, Happy 28 years of India winning the title of Miss Universe for the first time. Time passes but beauty remains the same'.

Sushmita Sen created history 28 years ago
Fans are sharing all the photos and videos of Sushmita Sen's historic victory day on social media. Sushmita has shared these on her Insta story. A fan page has shared a rare black and white photo of a beauty pageant held in the Philippines. With this picture of Sushmita's beautiful smile, '21.5.94' is written, then it is written below Dearest Titu Didi Happy 28th Anniversary, You have made us proud. Our tribe is very proud and our country is very proud, love you.

Sushmita Sen is India's first Miss Universe
The interview given before becoming Miss Universe in 1994 has also been quoted on this picture. Along with this, a video has also been shared, in which the crown ceremony is seen after the victory, then Sushmita Sen is thanking her parents, family, motherland India.

Sushmita Sen becomes Miss Universe and Aishwarya Rai Miss World

Sushmita Sen surprised the world 28 years ago today by becoming the 43rd Miss Universe in the Philippines. This year was very lucky for India, because this year Aishwarya Rai was crowned Miss World. Both these beauties had confided themselves to the crown by giving accurate answers to the questions on the international stage with confidence. Beauty with brain was being discussed all over the world.