The latest video of Urfi Javed is creating panic on social media. The actress came in front of the camera wearing such a dress that her oops moment was captured in the camera.Urfi Javed is always in limelight due to her strange dressing sense. But this time Urfi came in front of the camera wearing such a dress that people's eyes fell on the oops moment that was captured in the camera more than her dress.

rope dressUrfi Javed is wearing a bra with a rope skirt in the latest video. The special thing is that on seeing this bra of Urfi, at a glance, it seems that flowers are sticking on it, which are made from something. On the other hand, when it comes to skirts, these mini skirts are giving a bold look to Urfi.

Reason for the Skirt Bunny Oops Moment

The short skirt made of ropes from Urfi had a cut at the front. The actress was posing freely in front of the camera. But as soon as the camera comes very close, Urfi's oops moment was captured by the cut near the skirt. The special thing is that seeing Urfi, it seems that he is well aware of this.

wrote this caption

Urfi has shared this video on social media with the caption. Urfi wrote in the caption- 'Yes, this thing is true, Jasmine said about me. We made this too and that too in just one hour. Yes, we finally made it.