Urfi is Urfi, she does not see anything in front of style. She is crazy about fashion and she proves it right every time. You can see for yourself what Urfi, who has done strange fashions many times, did this time.

Yes...it is the jeans that Urfi has hung around her neck instead of her legs. Urfi had an emergency and could not find anything to wear, so Haseena's mind got ignited and then this unique dress was invented, after seeing which people's mouths were left open.

Urfi Javed knows only to wear something unique, but for the last two times, her fashion is going over people's heads. Last time she was roaming around with a Kulfi cone on her chest, so this time she has done this feat.

As usual, people could not stop themselves from commenting funny even after seeing this look. Some called me crazy with love, and some called me mental hospital.

By the way, this style of Urfi is making her world famous. Where people are searching for her a lot on Google, and many times Bollywood actresses have also been seen copying her. Means whatever you say... there is something in Urfi which is good or bad but the discussion never ends.