Urfi Javed is known for her out-of-touch style. The colorful dress of the actress is often in the headlines.

Today, in this report, we will talk about the selected dress of Urfi, who is often trolled for her clothes, and tell how expensive she is.

Urfi made a lot of headlines by wearing a dress made of sim given by the actors of Jamtara. Urfi bought this dress from him for Rs 5.20 lakh.

This dress was not worn by Urfi, but it was definitely like her, in fact, Janhvi Kapoor wore this dress.

The price of this dress by Janhvi Kapoor was said to be around four lakh rupees, after which everyone was shocked.

Urfi Javed was also seen in a silver embellished dress, for which she was also trolled.

There was also a lot of discussion about the price of the silver dress, but its price could not be disclosed.