The problem with today's youth is that they spend more than they earn. Their hobbies are so big that they take loans and repay the money in installments. On them, the saying 'earning income and spending money' fits right.

But today we are going to introduce you to those Bollywood stars whose income is Rs. This means, that despite having crores of wealth, they do not like to spend money. These are the number one miser.


Kajol is a well-known actress of the 90s. She charges around Rs 4 crore for a film. At the same time, her annual income is around Rs 2 crore. But still, she does not like to spend money. She bargains at the shops.

Like other stars, do not buy expensive branded products. Her special friend Karan Johar calls her 'Kanjoos'. Although her husband Ajay Devgan likes his wife to be a miser. They save a lot of money.

Salman Khan

Salman Khan is the most expensive actor in Bollywood. They charge up to Rs 60 crore for a film. He also has many businesses. He has charged Rs 800 crore for Bigg Boss 16 itself. However, despite all this, Salman believes in keeping a simple life and high thinking.

They still prefer to live with their parents in a 2 BHK flat rather than a big bungalow. They don't even use expensive phones. Although he never skimps on charity.

John Abraham

John Abraham is also a successful hero of Bollywood. They charge up to Rs 20 crore for a film. John is a down-to-earth person. They are often seen in simple T-shirts, jeans, and slippers. He doesn't like to show off.

Although he only spends on his bike. Apart from this, he likes to live a simple life. He is also not interested in Bollywood parties. They rarely go there.

Shah Rukh Khan

Shahrukh Khan, the king of Bollywood, has billions of wealth. They charge around Rs 100 crore for a film. However, even after having so much money, Shahrukh does not spend much money. They invest their money smartly. He doesn't hesitate to wear the same clothes over and over again. He is known for his simplicity in Bollywood. Warmly welcome the guests who come home. He goes to drop them in the car till outside.

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan is one of those Bollywood heroines who never boast about their wealth and fame. She is said to be an actress from the land of Bollywood. Sara is not fond of expensive things. She also buys cheap and unbranded products. She has been seen many times shopping in the local market. Recently, her friend Janhvi made fun of her by saying that Sara books cheap hotels.