Bigg Boss 15 is witnessing more than one uproar every day. The show which started recently has started rocking right now. Now in the latest episode, Prateek Sahajpal is seen crying bitterly. During the fight, Jai Bhanushali abused Pratik for his mother, due to which he became aggressive.

There is a fight between Jai and Prateek since the beginning of the show. Recently the family members were given the task of 'Dangerous Dangal in the Jungle'. The forest dwellers played the task very aggressively and also pushed and shoved the housemates. During this, Karan Kundrra and Jay Bhanushali blocked Nishant Bhatt, which caused a lot of injury to his leg.

When Prateek tried to stop Jai, he lashed out at him. Prateek's patience broke as soon as he heard the abuse from Jai's mouth and he went and confronted him. Jai kept on saying in anger again and again that if you have courage, then you show it by hitting. After this, Prateek loses control of himself and starts killing himself.

In the promo of the show, it was seen that the uncontrollable Prateek constantly slaps himself hard and cries. Prateek cries saying that abusing his mother is not written in his contract. He also asks her to exit the show. Bigg Boss also interrupts and warns all the contestants that they will not push.