Last year itself, the name of Bhusan Kumar, the owner of T-Series, had cropped up in a rape case. On July 2021, a 30-year-old woman made several serious allegations against Bhushan Kumar. According to the latest reports, the difficulties of Bhushan Kumar seem to be increasing in this case. Mumbai Police was trying to cover up this case (Bhushan Kumar Rape Case Closure Report) on its behalf. Now the court has dismissed the closure report of Mumbai Police. According to media reports, the court has also strongly reprimanded the Mumbai Police. Also, the way the complainant woman has supported the closure report, the court has also raised questions on that.The court kept its side like this
Along with rejecting the closure report, the court has also made it clear that the Mumbai Police, which is probing the matter, has completely ignored the legal aspects. Please tell that the police had filed a B summary report in this case. Police makes this final report only when someone accuses someone with wrong intention.Court expressed displeasure over these issues
The woman who complained against Bhushan Kumar did not raise any objection to this B-Summary report of the police. On this, the court says that the laws which have been made in the interest of the people, some people wrongly use them for their personal benefit. The court has also reprimanded Bhushan Kumar and one of his witnesses. Both had filed petitions to intervene in the matter. According to the court, both have tried to cross the border by filing such a petition.
Many exposed in the storm of #MeToo campaign
For the past few years, under the #MeToo campaign, many women have openly raised their voices about the harassment against them. Under this campaign, the mask of shame came from many big faces of all the industries including Bollywood. Many women came forward and shared their atrocities with the people without hesitation. Many such cases also came to light which were found to be wrong during the investigation. Last year, a 30-year-old woman from Mumbai had told in her complaint that Bhushan Kumar had raped her on the pretext of giving her work in films.