Kannada actress Swati Satish suffered a root canal surgery so heavy that she is not even recognized now. The actress stopped coming out of the circle after her appearance deteriorated.

Tooth decay will be so heavy that the whole face will change. Kannada actress Swathi Sathish would never have imagined this. Recently, Swati had gone to a hospital in Bangalore to undergo root canal surgery. But during this, the negligence of the doctors spoiled his face.

The face is so swollen that it is difficult to recognize

According to the report, Swati had gone to a private hospital for her dental treatment, where she has advised a root canal. But due to the wrong procedure of root canal, his face got swollen so much that it is difficult to recognize her. It is being told that after the root canal, the doctors had assured Swati that in two to three days the swelling of her face would go away and the pain would also end. But in the last 3 weeks, instead of improving, Swati's condition worsened. Neither the pain nor the swelling decreased on her face. She is in bad condition with pain. Seeing her spoiled face, Swati is so scared that she is not even leaving her house now.

This condition happened due to the wrong injection

According to reports, Swati has accused the doctors of negligence. She says that she was not given complete information about her treatment and medicines. It is also being claimed that when Swati was undergoing a root canal, she was given an injection of salicylic acid instead of anesthesia (an injection to numb a particular body part or make a person unconscious). When Swati got this information, she changed to the hospital.

Let us tell you that salicylic acid is used on the external parts of the body to remove the problems related to the skin. If it is used incorrectly, it can have a bad effect on organs like the heart, liver, and kidney.

Last month negligence took the life of the actress

Last month also, a case of wrong treatment by a hospital in Bangalore came to light. At that time Kannada actress Chetna Raj had to lose her life. 21-year-old Chetna was admitted to a hospital for fat-free surgery. Her health deteriorated after the surgery and he died of water filling his lungs. Chetna's father had filed a case against the doctor and his clinic.