More than one love story was made in the Hindi film industry. There may have been a happy ending to love stories in films, but there were some stars whose love stories could not be completed in real life. Some such incomplete stories of love are of Bollywood's beautiful bold actress Simi Grewal. Yes, she was giving her heart at the age of 17. Even today she smiles remembering those moments.

Fell in love at the age of 17

While giving an interview to a magazine, Simi had told that the Maharaja of Jamnagar kept a relationship for 3 years. However, both of them could not make this relationship last long and separate from each other. Simi told that during this time Maharaj showed him the wonderful world. She did many crazy things, even today when she thinks of those moments, a smile comes on her face.

Ali Khan Pataudi had turned to Simi

After this, the heart of former Indian cricket team captain and Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi had fallen on Simi Grewal. Simi Grewal and Mansoor Ali Khan's love flourished in such a way that both were about to get married. Meanwhile, Sharmila came into Mansoor Ali Khan's life. This was the day when Simi and Tiger's love story came to a complete halt.

The marriage did not work out with Ravi Mohan

The news also says that even before the start of her career, Simi had an affair with a Pakistani businessman, Salman Taseer. Later on, Salman also became the governor of Punjab (Pakistan), but he was married to Ravi Mohan. Simi's relationship with Ravi Mohan did not last long and both of them divorced each other.

Simi's studies were done in England

Born on 17 October 1947 in Delhi, Simi was educated in England. In England itself, her passion for Hindi films grew so much that she came to Mumbai to dream of working in films. Her graceful beauty, somewhat exotic looks, and English accent earned her a quick job.