Shark Tank India 2 Vinita Singh Namita Thapar Anupam Mittal Aman Gupta Piyush Bansal and Amit Jain are seen as judges in the Shark Tank India show. It premiered on January 2 on Sony TV.

Shark Tank India 2: Industrialist Harsh Goenka has accused the judges of Shark Tank India that his companies are running in losses of billions of rupees and out of these, Aman Gupta is the only person whose company is profitable. Anupam Mittal has reacted to this.

Harsh Goenka feels that the judges in the show are at a loss

Shark Tank India 2 has become a topic of discussion. In this, many people have signed deals worth crores of rupees through their strong pitch. However, industrialist Harsh Goenka feels that the judges on the show are at a loss of crores of rupees. He has shared data on Twitter. In this, information has been given about the earnings of Vinita Singh, Namita Thapar, Anupam Mittal, Piyush Bansal, and Amit Jain. It has been told that all these companies are at loss. It has also been told that except for Aman Gupta, everyone's business is running at loss.

'I love the Shark Tank India program'

Sharing the data, Harsh Goenka wrote, 'I like the Shark Tank India program a lot. It's a good platform but when I think of sharks, I remember the movie Jaw, where there were a lot of bloodshed. With this, he has shared the photo of the data.

Anupam Mittal has reacted to Harsh Goenka's allegations

Responding to this, Anupam Mittal has written in response, 'I know you are saying this jokingly but respecting you sir, I want to say that your data is biased and incomplete. I would get an opportunity to learn from a stalwart like you. I am happy to know this but I want to clarify my opinion that we sharks are not in loss, but we are in profit and this is our job. Earlier, Ankit Uttam had come on LinkedIn and give detailed information that the judges of Shark Tank India have suffered huge losses. Due to this, they are not qualified to give proper advice.