When Malaika Arora goes out to take yoga classes or for a walk in Mumbai, the paparazzi often sees her. On July 8, Malaika was seen by the paparazzi leaving the office of a talent company. When the paparazzi shared the video of the actress from her Instagram account, the attention of the netizens was fixed on her dress.

Malaika was seen wearing a short jacket over a tight dress. Many netizens liked her cool style, but there were some people who did not like Malaika's dress. Some users have described her outfit as cheap.

Netizens questioned Malaika's fashion sense
As soon as the video surfaced, netizens started trolling Malaika Arora. An elderly person is also seen in the video who is watching the actress very intently. One user said, 'Look at the man who is standing behind Malaika. Another user said, 'Why do they wear such cheap clothes? There should always be an aesthetic in showing oneself.

Malaika went to Paris with Arjun Kapoor
Malaika Arora went to Paris with Arjun Kapoor to celebrate her birthday. Both had shared many pictures and videos related to the trip, in which they were seen enjoying delicious food and enjoying beautiful places. The couple has returned from a trip. The paparazzi saw him at the Mumbai airport.

Malaika Arora is dating Arjun Kapoor for the past few years
Viral Bhayani shared a video of the couple, in which they are seen leaving the airport. After watching this video, many internet users started making fun of Malaika's outfit. She was then seen walking around in an oversized pantsuit. Arjun and Malaika are dating each other for a long time. Malaika revealed her relationship with Arjun in the year 2019.