Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has revealed that he is shortlisting a name for his future child. In a new promo of his TV debut 'The Big Picture', Ranveer Singh is seen talking about his marriage and kids. Ranveer's TV show 'The Big Picture' is going to premiere today. It is going to start at 8 pm.

In the promo shared, Ranveer Singh said, 'As you guys go, I am married and now I will have children in 2-3 years. Brother, your sister-in-law (Deepika) was such a lovely baby, wasn't it? I look at her baby photo every day and say that give me one like this, just set my life. I am shortlisting the names. Would you mind if I include your name 'Shaurya'?"

At the beginning of the show, Ranveer Singh was seen dancing with the contestants on his famous song 'Tattd Tatd' from 'Ram Leela Goliyon Ki Raasleela'. The Bollywood star then introduced the contestant and said, "Please take note. His swag is amazing and his style remains a topic of discussion in the city. Please welcome Abhay Singh from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh."

After this, the mother of the contestant appeared in the frame praising her son. He said that he is hopeful that his son's fortunes will change and he will get a daughter-in-law like Deepika Padukone. After this Ranveer told Abhay that he is jealous of him because of his mustache. He says, “I had a similar mustache when I was shooting for Ramleela in 2012-13. I used to style my mustache and I was proud of it. I'm jealous of you, you have such a wonderful mustache." The contestant then tells Ranveer that it was Ranveer who actually inspired him to grow his mustache.