For the past few days, there is a strong debate about Bollywood i.e. Hindi Vs South Cinema. Different people have different reactions to this debate. Although most of the celebs were seen avoiding talking on this issue, but as soon as they entered the field for the promotion of their films, they seemed to react on it. From Nawazuddin Siddiqui to Akshay Kumar, many celebs have spoken on this issue. Meanwhile, recently Mahesh Babu said that 'Bollywood cannot afford him', after which he started getting trolled. Meanwhile, the reaction of director Ram Gopal Varma has come on this statement of Mahesh Babu.Earn money by dubbing in hindi
Mahesh Babu's statement has come into the limelight and people as well as celebs are reacting to it. In such a situation, now during a conversation with India Today, Ram Gopal Varma said, "It is his personal choice as an actor, but to be honest, I have not understood the meaning of his talk that 'Bollywood cannot afford me'. What do you want to say. I still do not understand this thing, if you see the recent South films, they are dubbed in Hindi and released and earn money from it.'Bollywood is not a company...
In the conversation, Ram Gopal Varma further said, 'Look, the first thing is that Bollywood is not a company, it is a name given by the media. A particular film or production house offers you a film for a certain fee, but how can you take the name of entire Bollywood for this... I don't understand this. Bollywood is not a company, so the meaning of his words is not clear.
Bollywood will not be able to afford me...
Let us tell you that recently Mahesh Babu had said that he does not want a Bollywood debut. During a conversation with India Today, Mahesh Babu had said, 'I have not got much offers in Bollywood. I think Bollywood will not be able to afford me. I wouldn't even want to work in an industry that can't afford me. I have found a lot of love in the South. The stardom and respect that people here have given me. I never thought of leaving this industry because of this reason. I have only thought about doing films and becoming a bigger person in my life. One by one my dreams are now being fulfilled. I don't want to be a happier person anymore.
Clarification on mahesh babu's statement
When Mahesh Babu got trolled a lot on his statement, another statement came from his side. A press note has been issued by Mahesh Babu's team. The note reads, Mahesh has made it clear that he loves cinema and respects all languages. He had said that he is comfortable doing films where he is doing. He had said that Telugu cinema is reaching everywhere, he is very happy to see his dream come true.