TV's drama queen Rakhi Sawant will take a contestant entry in 'Bigg Boss 15'. The special thing is that this time she is not going to enter the house alone but with her husband Ritesh. Before entering the show, Rakhi had a special conversation with a website and told why she likes to go to the show again and again. At the same time, she also revealed that why she never wants to win the 'Bigg Boss' winner's trophy.

I and my husband are going to rock
Regarding entry in Bigg Boss 15, Rakhi says, "I think the makers have tied the knot that whenever they bring the show, they will make Rakhi a part of it (laughs) on their wish from Bigg Boss last season. It was obvious that they should give me a chance to entertain the audience every season and my wish seems to be coming true. The last time when I took the entry, the entertainment level was very high and this time we will see double entertainment because This time my husband Ritesh will also be with me. I and my husband are going to have a lot of fun."

I'm sure people will believe my marriage
Rakhi further says about her husband Ritesh, "A few years ago, when I had told about my marriage in front of people, then many people thought this was a lie. They thought that this was a new publicity stunt of Rakhi. There is no truth in this. Now that both of us will enter together inside the house, I am sure that people will believe that I am getting married. Eventually, the world will get to see Rakhi's husband, with whom Riteish is And I'm both excited."

Last year, Rakhi had mentioned the trouble going on in her marriage.
In the last season of the show, Rakhi had talked about the troubles going on in her marriage with her husband. During that time, he had also said that Ritesh was already married. Rakhi believed that she does not want to break into someone else's house and hence she can decide to break her marriage with Ritesh. However, this time Rakhi said that there is no problem with their marriage anymore.

I can't separate from my husband till I die, no matter who is in our midst
Rakhi says, "I can't separate from my husband till death, no matter who is between us. I have liked him dearly. I have married Ritesh 4 times. I adore Jesus a lot, that's why Once married in Christian style, according to a Hindu custom, because Ritesh belongs to this religion, so there is no legal issue, so married in court and in the last I have married him with my heart. I can never leave him. People have always seen Rakhi dancing and singing, have they ever seen her turn into a wife? This time the audience will see Rakhi's wife's avatar and I am not going to take any revenge on anyone, just add a tadka of entertainment."

Want to call myself Bigg boss winner
Rakhi has been associated with the show from season 1 of 'Bigg Boss'. In the last season, she was seen as a wild card contestant. However, she was never the winner of the show. Regarding this, she says, "To be honest, I also want to call myself a Bigg Boss winner. However, once the show is won, I will never be able to come as a contestant on the show again. So let's go as it is.