Rakhi Sawant Marriage Bollywood's drama queen Rakhi Sawant is once again in a discussion about her marriage. Now the lawyer of a Bigg Boss contestant has sealed the marriage of Adil Durrani and Rakhi Sawant and has confirmed that both of them have gotten married.

Rakhi Sawant Adil Khan Durrani Wedding: Bollywood's drama queen Rakhi Sawant keeps hitting the headlines for one reason or the other. Rakhi Sawant was seen in the Marathi show Bigg Boss a few days ago. Now a few days after coming out of the house, Rakhi Sawant is once again in a discussion about her personal life. Rakhi Sawant recently shared several pictures and videos with her boyfriend Adil Durrani, claiming that the two have tied the knot. However, Adil told the news of his marriage with Rakhi as false. Now, during an interview, Rakhi Sawant's lawyer has confirmed the marriage of the actress and Adil and has made many revelations regarding their marriage.

Rakhi Sawant and Adil have married only in 2022

Rakhi Sawant's lawyer Falguni Bhrambhatt recently made several revelations regarding the marriage of both while talking to the YouTube channel Tele Talk. Rakhi Sawant herself has also shared the video of this conversation on her Instagram account. Rakhi Sawant's lawyer while talking to the channel told that Rakhi Sawant and Adil are married. She also told in the conversation that both of them got married in May 2022 last year. Rakhi Sawant's lawyer also told in this conversation that both were married according to Muslim customs. Rakhi herself had accepted in the conversation that along with court marriage, she had also performed the Nikah ceremony. She also told that because of some things said by Adil, she had hidden the matter her marriage.

On the disclosure of the lawyer, people gave this reaction on social media

After seeing this picture shared by Rakhi Sawant, fans are expressing different reactions on social media. Commenting on this, a user wrote, 'Whose fear was finally the same happened'. Another user wrote, 'Oh God why is this Adil refusing? Again they don't have any dirty game, oh God keep Rakhi safe from bad people. Another user wrote, 'Why does every boy cheat'. Let us tell you that this is Rakhi Sawant's second marriage, before that she was married to Ritesh. She introduced her husband in Bigg Boss season 15.

Rakhi shared the picture while signing the marriage paper in the court

Before Rakhi Sawant's lawyer, she shared many pictures and videos of her and Adil's wedding. A few hours ago, she shared a video with Adil. She is wearing a pink gown and Adil and she is holding each other's hands. Apart from this, Rakhi had registered her marriage with Adil in court on January 11, whose pictures were also shared by the actress on her Instagram account. She looks very happy while showing her marriage certificate to Adil.