Today is the birthday of actor Raj Babbar, who achieved a different position based on his talent from the film screen to politics. Born on 23 June 1952 in Tundla, Uttar Pradesh, Raj Babbar ruled the world of cinema in the 80s. He started his career with street plays and theater and made a name for himself in films and then started his political innings. Whenever there is talk about Raj Babbar, apart from his films and political career, the matter will reach his love story. In the 80s, Raj Babbar was in love with Smita Patil, the best actress of his era. He was so in love with Smita that even though he was married, he first lived in with her during that period and then tied the knot after all the opposition. But, nature probably did not approve of this association between both, and Smita Patil got separated from Raj Babbar forever. After all, how did the love story of both start and how did it end, let us know.

Raj Babbar-Smita Patil - Photo: Social Media

Married to Nadira Babbar in 1975

  • Apart from films, Raj Babbar has been in a lot of discussions about his relationships. He had fallen in love with Nadira Babbar during his struggling days. Both were students of the National School of Drama. The two got married in 1975 and Nadira Zaheer's name became Nadira Babbar. After marriage, Raj and Nadira lived in Delhi. Then when his daughter Juhi Babbar was born, his responsibility of Raj increased. Now he was looking for a job that could give him money. He decided to pursue his acting career and moved to Mumbai. After coming to Mumbai, Raj's career in acting started and at the same time, there was a twist in life.

Was blown away during the first meeting with Smita

  • After coming to Mumbai, Raj Babbar met Smita Patil. The two first met on the sets of the 1982 film 'Bheegi Palken'. Both the actors were in the lead roles in this film. The first meeting was not very special. In an interview, Raj Babbar himself has told that at that time the shooting of this film was going on in Rourkela, Orissa. It was during the shooting of the film that he first met Smita. During this meeting, both of them had some laughter and then later there was a little quarrel. However, Raj Babbar liked the words coming out of Smita's tongue. At the same time, he was infatuated with Smita.

Didn't get divorced from the first wife

  • Raj-Smita's love story broke Nadira. During an interview in the year 2013, Nadira said that she was shocked when she heard about Raj Babbar's second love story from her mouth. Although she took care of herself, she also had two children. If the mother's life is torn apart, then what happens to the children? After this Nadira became very busy with her children and her theater world. However, she never separated Raj from herself. But, did not leave Smita's side either.

Photo: Social Media

Marriage between opposites

  • When Raj and Nadira get separated, Raj decides to marry Smita. Although it was not that easy either. Raj may have been fully prepared for the marriage from his side, but Smita's family members were not ready for it at all. Raj was already married and was also the father of two children. That's why Smita's family members said that she cannot give her daughter's hand to any married man. But, Smita also loved Raj Babbar equally, so she did not listen to the family members and decided to marry Raj Babbar. Anyway, Smita used to choose her characters herself, so she also decided on her life herself.

The sad ending of a love story

  • After marriage, Smita became pregnant and on 13 December 1986, she gave birth to a son. He was named Prateek. Smita went through a very difficult phase during the delivery. After delivery, her health deteriorated significantly. Before Smita could understand much, she left this world at the age of 31, only 15 days after the birth of her child.