Radhika Apte's Birthday: When Radhika Apte was asked – get your breast implants done…

Radhika Apte is a well-known name in the film industry. With her performance, Radhika has made everyone her fan. Today is 7th September and today is Radhika Apte's 37th birthday. Today, on the occasion of Radhika Apte's birthday, we are going to share such a thing with you, which exposes the dazzling industry.

Many casting couch incidents have come to light from Bollywood. Radhika Apte had also faced things like casting couch. But the worst was the time for Radhika when people started advising her to undergo plastic surgery as soon as she entered the industry.

In an interview, Radhika Apte revealed that she was asked by some people to undergo plastic surgery on her body and face as soon as she entered the industry. Talking about this, Radhika said that people had advised her to get her nose fixed and a breast implant done. These things made Radhika angry. Not only this but comments were also made on Radhika's complexion in the industry.

However, Radhika did not let herself break because of all these things and firmly established her feet in the industry. Radhika's acting is not limited to Bollywood only. Apart from Hindi, Radhika has also worked in Marathi, Tamil, Bengali, and English films.

Radhika Apte is now earning a lot of name and fame in the industry. According to online media reports, Radhika Apte's net worth is around 3 to 4 million. Radhika charges around Rs 1 crore for any project. Sometimes it becomes even more.

Apart from this, Radhika has a luxurious house in Mumbai, in which she lives with her husband. Radhika also has a luxury car.