Ramsay Hunt Syndrome: Canadian singer Justin Bieber has been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt syndrome, due to which he has to face paralysis. It makes it difficult to eat and close your eyes.

You must have heard the name of the famous pop star Justin Bieber, for the last several years he has gained a lot of fame through his singing, but now he is in the grip of this dangerous disease. Bieber posted a video on his Instagram account on June 11, in which he explained that he had to cancel the next show because he was suffering from a disease called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, in which about half of his face is paralyzed. has become a victim.

Justin Bieber made a shocking revelation

Canadian singer Justin Bieber said, 'Let me tell those who are disappointed by the cancellation of my next show that I am physically and not in a condition to perform it.' Pointing at Bieber with his face, he said, "This is very serious, as you see." I wish it didn't happen but it's clear, that my body is telling me that I have to wait a bit. I hope you guys understand. I will use this time only to rest and come back with 100% energy so that I can do what I was born for.

Justin Bieber got this strange disease

Justin Bieber has a disease called Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a neurological disorder that is caused by the Varicella Zoster Virus. Herpes zoster and chicken pox are caused by this virus.

Why does Ramsay Hunt syndrome happen?

The National Organization for Rare Disorder of America said, 'This virus can remain dormant in the body of a person who has had chickenpox in childhood. It cannot be said with certainty how the virus gets reactivated in Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

This part of the body is affected

Ramsay Hunt Syndrome causes rashes in the ears, tongue, and upper part of the mouth, as well as severe pain in the ears and head. To diagnose this disease, a blood test is done, MRI and skin test is done. In some cases, the method of spinal tap can be adopted, in which the test is done by removing the cerebrospinal fluid through a needle in the spinal canal.