Shefali Jariwala Photos: Shefali Jariwala created a stir when she stepped into Bollywood. The actress left an impression of her beauty on everyone's mind with her first song 'Kanta Laga'. (Instagram: shefalijariwala)

Shefali was seen on the small screen and in Bigg Bos's house. Shefali's outspokenness and bold style in the Bigg Boss house were also successful in attracting everyone's attention. (Instagram: shefalijariwala)

The actress remains very active on social media and keeps sharing pictures with her fans every day. At present, Shefali is enjoying a vacation in Goa and from there she is continuously posting pictures as well. (Instagram: shefalijariwala)

Shefali is seen wearing a pink and red bikini in her latest pictures. Apart from this, the actress is also seen sitting on the sand of the sea giving different poses in her bold avatar. While the bold style of the actress is making her fans crazy. At the same time, some users are questioning them. (Instagram: shefalijariwala)

In fact, on looking at the pictures carefully, the cut marks on Shefali's hands are visible. The actress has not one but many cuts on her hand. In such a situation, social media users are constantly asking him whether he is okay. One user wrote, Mam what is there in your hand like a wound? While another user wrote, why do you have so many cuts on your hand? (Instagram: shefalijariwala)