Pankaj Tripathi is a land-based artist who has achieved success after a long struggle. The actor was specially invited when OTT Play Premium was launched in Mumbai on Thursday. Pankaj, who is popularly known as Kaleen Bhaiya, says that with the advent of OTT, he is getting the respect he deserves. Stories have started to change. When OTT was new in India people used to watch it as television but now we are realizing that its reach is beyond our imagination.

Pankaj further said 'If OTT was present earlier, I would have progressed very early in my career and I would not have to wait till 47'. One big advantage of OTT is that you have a lot of time. Side actors also get recognition because they are also given a lot of time. The struggle for actors has reduced to a great extent. There is only one requirement here that your acting should come. All my friends are busy, all are working.

Cinema-OTT will continue together

The OTT platform has made many common artists special. Pankaj is working on both films and OTT. When asked what is the difference between films and OTT, he said that 'cinema will not be affected by the advent of OTT. Both will live together, just like when we celebrate any festival, then people participate collectively in it. In the theater, the boss and the employee sit together and watch the film and both enjoy it equally. Where will you get to see this beautiful place?

OTT has given a chance to new experiments

In the comparison of OTT and cinema, Pankaj says that sometimes good cinema does not reach people. Whereas you can watch your favorite things on OTT whenever you want. Whose work is good in OTT, then he will become famous. OTT is giving opportunities for a lot of experiments and will continue to do so.