Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt has been in the news ever since she revealed her pregnancy. The actress expressed her good news to the fans on her social media account last Monday. Both the couples started trending on Twitter after this news. Due to this, Alia got furious after seeing a media report and pulled her up on Tuesday. Alia criticized the media, after which many celebs also supported her. Pakistani actress Zara Noor Abbas is also included.

Noor Abbas sported the actress
Sharing a story on her Instagram, Alia Bhatt wrote that - 'She has planned her pregnancy in such a way that her work is not affected.' After which Noor Abbas, while replying to Alia's story, said that - 'Women do not need to prove their motherhood or talent to anyone.' If reports are to be believed, Zara Noor had a miscarriage in 2021 last year. Putting an Insta story, Zara said that- 'She could relate her situation to Alia, how many brands wanted to leave her after the announcement of her pregnancy.'

'I thought this only happens in Pakistan'
Zara said- 'I thought this happens only in Pakistan. Being pregnant and being an actress society feels that you are not fit to work anymore. Apart from this, Durafishan also responded to Alia's reaction and said that women should stop telling them what to do after marriage. Marriage is a part of life, there is no stage.

What did Alia write in the story?
If reports are to be believed, the mom-to-be will be back by mid-July and the actress will rest after the shoot. Sharing the Insta post, the actress wrote - 'We still live in a patriarchal world. No one needs to lift anyone. I am a woman, not a parcel, I do not need to rest at all, but it is good to know that you will have a doctor's certificate. This is going on in 2022. Can we get out of this old thinking? My shot is ready.