The film 'Rashtra Kavach Om' starring Aditya Roy Kapur, Sanjana Sanghi, Jackie Shroff, Prakash Raj, and Ashutosh Rana has been released in theatres. If you are planning to watch this action-thriller film, then definitely read this review once.

Story: Action and Emotions Confuses Audience

The story of the film is of Om Rathod and his innocent father Dev Rathod. Dev Rathod is a nuclear scientist who was going to make a national shield for the country, which would protect the country from all kinds of nuclear attacks, but before he could make it, the traitors of the country kidnapped him. Dev is accused of treason and Om sets out to save him in order to eliminate him and prove his father's innocence. Now whether Om will be able to find his father and prove him innocent or whether his father is really a traitor, will be known after watching the film.

Acting: Physique Strong but act weak

Aditya has worked hard on his physique which is clearly visible but his hard looks in many emotional scenes suggest that he needs to learn more acting. In the same way, Sanjana has also worked hard on the action, but the action does not suit her innocent face. You can dare to watch this film only because of the cast like Jackie Shroff, Ashutosh Rana, and Prakash Raj. On many occasions, you enjoy watching Jackie Shroff more than Aditya.

Writing and Direction: Writers Raj Saluja and Niket Pandey failed to present the film properly

The story of this film is so complicated that till the audience tries to understand the plot, a new twist comes. At the same time, director Kapil Verma also missed to present it properly. Most of his focus was on portraying Om as a superhero and not a human being, and this makes it difficult to believe many scenes in the film. Whether Om is fighting with ten people alone or he catches the chain of the helicopter and knocks it down. The film is full of action and there is no shortage of special effects but some scenes have become very pale.

Music: Sir Dard Deta Hai

The background score of the film is given by Amandeep Singh Jolly which is excessively loud. In many action scenes, it gives you a headache. On the other hand, the music of the songs is slightly better, which is given by Arko and Chirantan Bhatt. The film has only 4 songs in the name of songs, out of which 3 are romantic and one dance number.

Why watch and why not watch

If you are fond of Aditya Roy Kapur, Jackie Shroff, and action films, then you can watch them once. If the family likes to watch action movies, then you can also watch with them. If you are fond of art films and keep your mind while watching the film, then do not go.